Best in British Music Show with Tara O.
A Blog & Radio Show on New Indie Music from the UK

Want Your Music Reviewed or Played?

For both playing and reviewing the music, the following information is required with your email submission (address below):

1. BiBM radio show is North America’s *only* 100% UK radio show. Therefore content is *exclusively* composed of artists who are UK Nationals/Citizens. No exceptions. The four UK regions are: Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England.

Please include include the artist(s’)/band’s birth region (eg, Wales) in your submission.

2. BiBM generally plays all genres except full-on country / folk / death metal. While subjective, hybrids are usually played (E.g., Lily Allen’s “It’s Not Fair” is pop-country)

Please ensure your tracks fit within the show’s above genres.

3. BiBM plays UK content released (not necessarily created) within the last 12 months.

Please include the track release date in your submission.

4. BiBM (and the Taiwan radio network I am affiliated with) require full playlists.

Please include CD/EP name for each track, or indicate if it’s a single, in your submission.

5. Lastly, if you have an artist bio, news (eg, gigs scheduled), feel free to send that. Nothing like some background info to help the artist stand out from all the others!

Send MP3s (preferred digital format) to either:
– Email
simple FTP (easy way to send several tracks / whole CD)

Send hard copies to:
65 University Pvt – Ste 0038
Ottawa, ON, KIN 9A5, CANADA
ATTN: Best in British Music with Tara O.

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