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2008 Top 30 (Pt II)

Dec 31, 2008 Podcast and Show Playlist (Pt II of my Top 30 of 2008)

Highh! Welcome back to my Top 30 for 2008. Last week were songs 30-15. Here are the remaining 14 with some added comments (bien sur!)


#14 – Late of the Pier
CD Fantasy Black Channel
– The bears are Coming (00:36)

Discovering Glass-weee-gee-an (love saying that word!) band Popup this year, along with another city-mate Glasvegas was up there as part of my favorite discoveries. I
#13 – Popup
CD A time and a place
– Poison apple (3:59)

“..if you were ah shiap, what shiap would’ja bee?”
#12 – The Fratellis
CD Here we Stand
– Look out sunshine (6:30)

Congrats to the Tings for a great use of sax in a modern pop tune. my complaint about this song is that it goes on too long. it would’ve been higher in my list if at least 1.5 minutes shorter…
#11 – The Ting Tings
CD We started nothing
– We started nothing (11:04)

Having seen these guys this year at an outdoor festival and a small intimate venue (see my revue of them in the blog) – both places where fans went pretty nuts and where i must say they put on great shows, then appearing on Jay Leno (see my not-so-hot-revue-of-them in the blog)…i won’t be suprised to see more of these guys in the mainstream and before long we’ll be fondly remembering them as indie…
..and on a up-close-n-personal note, luke the lead singer…the one the girls fawn over, well, he’s shorter and smaller than I am – i know cause i walked beside him at Virgin fest. (it’s amazing what being a lead singer can do to a girl’s brain…)
Kooks blog interview
#10 – The Kooks
CD Konk
– Always where i need to be (17:16)

I keep wondering how long before we hear stuff from this cd in the clubs….hmmm…
Nonetheless, an amay-zing song. Atheist or believer you are – take a listen to the lyrics, it makes you stop and think about how our actions as human beings contribute to the state of things now… and of course, there’s some GREAT sampling of Radiohead’s Planet Telex…
#9 – Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip
CD Angles
– Letter to God (19:55)

60s meets psychadelica meets beach boys music..who’da thought almost a whole album of such retro music could sound so…modern? a beautifully made album, and this song is but one example…
#8 – Jim Noir
CD Jim Noir
– alright (24:28)

When I first heard their single ‘Paris’ earlier in the summer i was shocked and could just tell these guys were going to have a great album when it came out in October, and when it did I was disappointed. solid stuff.
#7 – Friendly Fires
CD Jump in the Pool
– Jump in the Pool (28:49)

Well we are getting down into the top 10 so if i start to sound a bit woo-ey about these CDs now it’s well, cause they’re DAMN good! (isn’t that why they’re here??). This CD was another example of hearing the first few minutes of it and just know-ing that the whole CD was going to be a audio candy. and that it was…melodius, touching, strong lyrics, and – gotta say it – tight. definitely a concept album – it’s just unfortunate the source of the concept came from the death of a friend to the band, and to whom the album is named after.
…Did i mention this album won this year’s UK Mercury Prize? and that alot of review sites consider it the best album of the year as well (guess i’m just a little pickier…i gave em #6!)
#6 – Elbow
CD The Seldom Seen Kid
– Mirrorball (32:22)

What can I say about GV? they grew on me like scottish moss and whisky! (i’m more partial to the whisky growth though ;-)) This is another band to watch bust out into more of the mainstream in ’09 but with the accent (while i find it warming) most will likely be saying ‘what did he say?’ ‘what was that?’ but never mind them, you ‘n i know these guys and their depressing yet somehow inspiring songs make them spey-side special (that’s for all you whisky-ers out there!)
#5 – Glasvegas
CD Glasvegas
– It’s my own cheating heart that makes me cry (38:58)

These guys were one of the best bands i’ve ever interviewed. down to earth and cool at the same time. and this comPLETely underrated CD deserves attention and respect so here. am. i. to give it. another fine example of what comes from Glasweegian (woo i get to say it again!) water these days…
#4 – Sons & Daughters
CD This Girft
– Rebel with a Ghost (43:20)

Hmmm i gotta say, i actually hate giving such an almost mainstream indie band such a high number but ya gotta call a spade a spade so let it be… here’s to the Chiefs for putting out a fun CD and an improvemnt over the last one. and this is such a DAMn catchy song. i remember when (or just before?) the CD came out, an RS review was like these guys are great etc..but they sing about things too ‘english’ (shessh) and quoted a line from the song below “i want crisps” and that people wouldn’t know what they’re talking about. ok 1) crisps are chips, as in, a bag of chips, and 2) RS, when it’s a damn catchy song, people don’t give a rat’s ass *what they’re saying. wait- is ‘rat’s ass’ a canadian expression i need to explain 😉
#3 – Kaiser Chiefs
CD off with their heads
– Never miss a beat

well, right off, if you’ve listened to the show you KNOW how disappointed, upset i was to learn the LBs had called it a day. Yes they might get together again, but like a relationship, would it be the same if they did? To say the least, it’s very unfortunate the lead writer and guitarist had a heart attack. I don’t think they’ll be back and so like the line in Casablanca goes — we’ll always have Toronto (where i interviewed them & saw one of their last shows!)
#2 – The Long Blondes
CD Couples
– Guilt

Who-ah man! where did THIS CD come from? Supergrass is hot (tsss) hot hot again. This ace CD brings us some of the best glam rock and straight out rock heard in awhile. I love all songs on here except that damn Whiskey & green tea song (whatzz with that??). Enjoy..and have a happy new years – Safe- but not so safe it’s boring 😉
#1 – Supergrass
CD Diamond Hoo ha man
– the rebel in you

See you in ’09!

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