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2009 Top 30 (Pt 2)

This radio show / podcast is the best CDs of 2009 #15-#1.

The radio show / podcast of the best CDs of 2009 #30-#16 is here.

2009 Picks for the best CDs are selected amongst LPs only (as much as I loved some EPs this year….) AND based on the album’s overall quality — these albums below don’t just have 3 or 4 good songs on them – it’s a solid album that’s worth your download or walk-into-a-store-and-purchase time.

To listen to even more tracks from the artists below, go to 2009 Podcasts and do a search (“Edit”, “Find”) by artist name.

My top 30 CDs for 2008 are here.

#15. Congrats to Canterbury – a group fresh out of the waters of 2009 – for recently celebrating over 10,000 free downloads of their CD.   And while it’s gratis don’t think this is some ‘nothing’ CD that a bunch of wankers smashed together for no good reason.  This is the type of CD you, we, *I should be out paying $ for… (using the money we *should get back from some of the baddies we *did buy this year!) .  But thanks to ferocious competition and marketing these boys have pulled a smart move in ’09 by offering the 1st one and hopefully hooking us on their next one… We’ll be hearing more from them on the show in new year

CD Thank You (Free CD)
– take me out of the wall

#14. I must’ve played about half this album in ’09.  Feel free to check past podcasts for the tunes from these Glaswegians.

Wake the President
CD You can’t change that boy
– Remember fun?

#13. Sounding a little like Arcade Fire are we? Well, they are sharing the same producer – but seriously, a beautiful album.

The Maccabees
CD Wall of Arms (May release)
– Love you better

#12. Welsh band SFA said this CD is meant to be played at outside venues only…sorry boys’re indoors on the radio today!  The CD is Led Zep, Jim Noir, Beach Boys and Thievery Corporation rolled into a summer ball of fun – with a few german lyrics just ta mess wit ur head!  It’s prog, it’s art rock, it’s pop ….  and it’s good.

Super Furry Animals
CD Dark days light Years
– white socks flip flops

#11. Pop Noise Records is the company that made the intellingent move to get behind Some Beans (AkA Andy Fonda). Thank you Pop Noise for supporting Andy who writes, play, and produces the CD (o you lay z lay z boy!).  Almost every track is a pleasure. Think Portishead, Buck 65, Cut Chemist….   If you like this track, you’ll like the others that style between low-fi/ambient/electr/jazz/pop.

Some Beans
CD Fear and loathing in Tipton St. John
– Turning Blue

#10. A highly underrated CD of indie rock. It’s like well thought out twee with a fun twist … and lyrics you really you need to stop and listen to cause there’s actually some meaning in them (go figure)!

Art brut
CD Art brut Vs satan
– am I normal?

#9. Dance punk at its best! A new band from Carlisle, UK. Burn the Negative

Burn the Negative
CD In The Atmosphere (May release)
– she said she said

#8. My review of their CD on their website

The Lightyears
CD London, England (Jan. release)
– I’m not

#7.  She redefined 80’s retro music (is that possible? …she re-retrod-retro?).  A fun CD but don’t be fooled – there was many years of work gone into the making – hear about this and more in my 2009 interview with La Roux.

La Roux
CD La Roux (June)
– tigerlily

#6. The addition of Johnny Marr only makes this rock band even better than they’d already be with their 4th go around on a CD.   Read my full CD review here. Stay tuned for my interview with them in Jan/10.

The Cribs
CD Ignore the ignorant (Sep. release)
– cheat on me

#5. My 2009 interview with Arctic Monkeys (Alex & Jamie). Artistic integrity & evolution was their goal for their 3rd CD and they did achieve it. …. yet in the back of my mind I can’t always help wondering if they reeaally needed to go to the Cali desert & NY to find it – considering all the production talent back home (granted some production was Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford). Nonetheless a great rock music output that shouldn’t have scared away as many base fans as it did – it’s just that this CD took a few more ‘go-rounds’ before you went ….yeah baby!

Arctic Monkeys
CD Humbug (Aug. release)
– Cornerstone

#4. My 2009 interview with Doves at the U.K. festival “Bestival”.  My fav interview of the year??? I almost died from a cold waiting for them but it was worth it!   The interview pics alongside the audio will give you the whole crazy fun.

CD Kingdom of Rust (April release)
– The Greatest Denier

#3. Great scots! …and just like the band in my #1 spot, they were early out of the gates in ’09 and held the bar high for all that followed.  Every song on the CD (but one) is great.  Even the slow song Katherine Kiss Me fits well. Do I like this CD better than their changed-the-music-landscape-and-reminded-the-world-where-scotland-was-  2004 debut album? .. hmmmm…..

Franz Ferdinand
CD Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (Jan. release)
– no you girls

#2. My 2009 interview with Florence.I think I played almost every song off this album and some twice over. She’s got a gorgeous, emotive, and powerful voice, well drafted lyrics, songs from the quirky to the serious to the surreal, Flo is an entertainer and a dreamer all wrapped into one. My full album review is here.

Florence and the Machine
CD Lungs
– I’m not calling you a liar

#1. A great CD out from the gates in 2009. Wondered all year if it’d be topped and the answer came back 11 months later. Nope. Well Harry Mcveigh, Jack Lawrence Brown and Charles Cave, all in their early 20s gave us a complete, well rounded, well orchastrated, fabulously lyricized (is that a word?) album – carrying the gamut of emotions. 2010 is supposed to bring more work from these boys. I can hardly wait…though I’ll try (try) to temper expectations… and if they never produce anything better than this, I’ll still be happy for this one. My interview earlier this year with songwriter Charles Cave.

White lies
CD To lose my life (Jan. release)
– Farewell to the Playground

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