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2009 Top 30 (Pt 1)

2009 Picks for the best CDs are selected amongst LPs only (as much as I lUVED some EPs this year….) AND based on the album’s overall quality — these albums below don’t just have 3 or 4 good songs on them – it’s a solid album that’s worth your download or walk-into-a-store-and-purchase time.

This show is includes CDs #30 – #16. Next week’s show (Dec 30) will have the best 2009 CDs from #15 – #1.

To listen to even more tracks from the artists below, go to 2009 Podcasts and do a search (“Edit”, “Find”) by artist name.

My top 30 CDs for 2008 are here.


#30. Starting off (or ending off, depending how you look at it!) this year’s list is Victoria Hesketh. In 09 she popularized a new instrument that’s a digital tablet, called the Tenori-on. Her artist name, Little Boots, was given to her by a friend, because she has little feet. While this is the overall best song on the CD (and one I couldnt stop singing for about 3 days straight at one point this year, try as I might…) the CD is great electro dance music, with touches of old Madonna-style — which can get a bit cheezy at times but it’s a total ‘fun’ album you can listen to loud, or throw on a party in the background and everyone’s feet will subconsciously be tapping along… After this song check out her ‘New in Town’.

Little Boots
CD Hands (June release)
– Stuck on Repeat

#29. Liverpudlian’s by birth, but quasi-american in their musical style is #29. In the fall, I wrote a review for It’s one of the best rock/pop ones to come out in Fall 09.

Hot Melts
CD Hot Melts
– Edith

#28. Another best rock CD out this fall. Scots rock! The review’s here.

The Twilight Sad
CD Forget the Night Ahead
– I became a prostitute

#27. Wimbleton born, singer/songwriter Jamie Treays (Jamie T.). Often compared to Alex Turner (lead, Arctic Monkeys) but I don’t hear it…. apart from the northern accent – but you cld say that about many artists! His CD Kings & Queens came out in Sep, but later in the fall he got laryngitis which forced him to cancel his tour. People in OZ/UK & parts of Europe — you can NOW see him thru Feb. Rejoice!

Jamie T.
CD Kings and Queens (September release)
– earth wind and fire

#26 Editors are finally coming to Canada in 2010! Review of their new CD here. The track I chose below is representative of their overall sound. So if you like-a, then also go buy-a their “Back Room” CD too!

In this Light and On this Evening
– The Big Exit

#25. Calvin! Dance! Monkey! Dance! Electro dance king Calvin brightened up our clubs (and our livingrooms!) ah-gain this year with a follow-up to last year’s “I created Disco” (think Acceptable in the 80s…). You won’t sit still listening to Calvin. When not busy tweeting the odd rant, this boy’s producing for Dizzee on their Dance wiv me EP and Dizzee’s LP out this year (and also #18 on my list!). As a bonus – a great CD to listen to on my phone when I’m out shoveling snow…keeps me motivated! 😉

Calvin Harris
CD Ready for the Weekend
– The rain

#24 Tricky (and F.L.A.’ers South Rakkas Crew) surprised the crap out of me near year’s end with this remix album of Tricky’s 08 CD “Knowle West Boy” (which itself scored on my list for Top CDs of 2008). I hesitate to say this remix is better than the original! Ah hell, it is. And keep your eyes peeled for Tricky to be back singing with his past group Massive Attack… looks like they’re all back on speaking terms. Hell I guess if Blur could muster it together this year, why not M.A.?

Tricky & South Rakkas Crew
CD Tricky meets South Rakkas Crew Review
– Joseph

#23. To the Lake District we go! And it’s Wild Beasts’ 2nd CD at 23. They received more critical acclaim for their latest oeuvre (to be fancy pants about it) than their 2008 Limbo Panto. While CD2 makes my best of list for 09, they’ve dropped a few spots from last year’s #15. Still enjoying the lead’s falsetto voice though..think it’d be tiring but no…

Wild Beasts
CD Two Dancers (August release)
– empty nest

#22 Esser’s swept up ‘do looks vaguely like a dark haired, male La Roux. This boy from Essex sings of daily life, nothing heavy, but enjoyable.

CD Bravaface (March release)
– Real Life

#21. This CD demonstrates what you can do creatively with music when you don’t give a shit what people think. Lo n behold it turned out great. A wonderful concoction of sounds and usual instruments (eg vaccum cleaner). Not for the close-minded! Itzzz ex-pair-ree-mental!

Micachu and the Shapes
CD Jewellery (March release)
– calculator

#20. AKA the Noise-ettes. Great voice leading us through the hybrid sounds of Amy Winehouse’s R&B/retro, with electric guitar pop, strings. The CD didn’t do commercially as well as it should’’s hoping this gets it more recognition.

The Noisettes
CD Wild Young Hearts (May release)
– saturday night

#19. And conversely, speaking of an artist that got *lots of attention this year, it’s Lily. She’s an attention-getter by nature but her witty lyrics and song content just elevate the whole. Now. If you havent heard of this versatile songwriter by now, it’s too late. She announced a couple of weeks ago she’s pulling out of performing for a couple of yrs and will start a start-up label. She can stir up a controversy like very few (think back to this year’s illegal downloading debate between artists) and she’s even better at stirring up a crowd as she did when I saw her at Septembers Bestival in the U.K.

Lily Allen
CD It’s not me it’s you
– everyones at it

#18. ahh the irony of Dizzee rappin in “Road Rage” about going around ‘being a trooper in his mini Cooper” when, I believe his preference is a Bentley! and also… didn’t Madonna write that line back in ’03 (Hollywood track)? Nonetheless, a great song (beep! beep! comin’ through!!) and an overall great CD. One for the rapper in you! This CD also reminds me of Scotland. Why? because I was there in September when Dizzee’s CD was coming/came out and there were ads for it everywhere and magazine articles galore.

Dizzee Rascal
CD Tongue ‘n Cheek (September release)
– road rage

#17. I first heard of them back in the summer when I got a free download of ‘Tell you So’ and I was hooked. It’s not often in summer I look forward to fall but the release of their album was one reason. Manchester has produced ah-nother great band (what do they feed those kids growing up??) CD favors walls of sound, Stone Roses moments and more.

The Longcut
CD Open Hearts (October release)
– repeated

#16. Winnners of the Glasto ’08 new talent competition, a band that also started their own label and run a monthly concert series ‘The Bronze club’ in London where fellow artists/musicians perform, and doing an interview interview with me at Bestival (!) has kept #16 pretty busy in 09. This eclectic band sounding of electro pop/funk/dance and more understand the importance of taking career in hand and staying connected to their fans. Lead Gwilym Gold said he wanted to be different, and this CD’s achieved that.

Golden Silvers
CD True Romance (April release)
– True Romance (True #9 Blues)

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