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2008 Top 30 (Pt I)

Well 2008’s been an amay-zzing year for new music and for this show. Some artists popped out of the woodwork with killer songs/lyrics/sounds, while from others it was nice to see them put out a new album in ’08. hearing from long lost friends that have had new life experiences…

I listen to LOADS of new UK music every year and so it’s only fair that i rate the stuff that runs from worthy of your music pounds & dollars (& yen!), down to the you-must-stop-listening-to-my-show-RIGHT-now-even-&-go-out-n-buy-this-CD-music!

So I share Tara’s TOP 30 Tracks of 2008! And no coincidence that such great songs are from talented artists who put out eq-qually great CDs this year. And HEY! these are not 1 trick pony songs. Just remember when you’re listening — if it’s in the list, it’s cause their CD is worthy too (and worth the sticker price!)

The link is below to Number 30 down to Number 15. Next week’s show (New Year’s Eve) will be Number 14 to Number 1.

As we go through each song, I offer my opinions (of course!), anecdotes and memories related to the artist & track that i can share along the way…

I hope you enjoy the selection and as always, I love your feedback.

SOOOOooooo…. what tracks and artists did YOU think were worthy this year but didn’t make it in the Top 30? C’MON! i dare ya to find me something bettah!

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A brand new CD and their 1st but wow. good job lads! and free to DL on your MySpace? you boys are showing you know how to capture an audience’s attention when there’s a hu-mongous selection of new music out there. I predict 2009 will be a good year for this band..

#30 – Alexis Blue
Hypothical Situations
-alter ego (00:27)

While Johnny Foreigner was alot of fun, the tracks were a bit repetitive, and while this next band might be saying they want to move away from Twee – their 08 CD – out only 8mths after their last one – is Any-thing but TWEE-less (though they are 2 branches short of a forest! ha. that doesnt even MAKE sense TARA!)
#29 – Los Campesinos!
CD We are beautiful, we are doomed
– end of the asterisk (4:55)

#28 – Fugiya and Miyagi
CD Lightbulbs
– knickerboker (6:45)

#27 – This is Radio Freedom
CD This is Radio Freedom
– familly man (10:23)

Duke Spirit is a highly underated band, the lead singer has a unique voice (reminds me a bit of Esthero if ever heard of her/them)
Good for them for doing some Canada gigs this year…
#26 – Duke Spirit
CD Neptune
– This ship was built to last (13:55)

Ray, Ray, why oh why with such talent in your songwriting did you name your band so blandly? The male lead`s voice is smooth and well suited to the rock they play…
#25 – Ray
CD Death in fiction
– cut out (16:48)

#24 – Lodger
CD Lodger
– good old days (22:51)

I’d never heard of them before the station got the CD and I was pleasantly surprised. While listed as electronica they have a variety of sounds and i`m looking forward to the next album!
#23 – The Black Ghosts
CD The Black Ghosts
– i dont know (26:11)

a great trip hop artist but i wish he sang more on this album than he does…
#22 – Tricky
CD Knowle West Boy
– past mistake (29:21)

when i interviewed these guys at Toronto’s Virgin Festival in Sep, I was alot fancier than the other ones…a private RV, offered a beverage, and they were so relaxed (being in an air conditioned RV probably helped!) and open. we had a great, laid-back conversation.
If you ever get the chance to see them perform live, go. they are fun to watch and Matt the lead in non-stop energy. When you’re looking for something upbeat, PD is a definite option!
#21 – The Pigeon Detectives
CD Emergency
– Love you for a day (34:46)

While I did play this song in 2007 it’s officially out on his 08 CD …so qualifies! 😉 . i know it’s the best track on the album which is why it’s here and he knows it is too, which is why an 07 song made it onto an 08 album. Enjoy this Massive Attack very well done cover.
#20 – Newton Faulkner
CD Hand built by robots
– Teardrop (38:02)

People weren’t expecting much from this album, so most were pleasantly surprised…
#19 – The Cure
CD 4:13 Dream
– It’s only one (41:08)

i could’ve picked from numerous tracks from this CD. `nuf said. a band i’d reallyl like to interview someday. hope you enjoy the track chosen..
#18 – The Young Knives
CD Superabundance
– Counters (45:57)

Alex, alex…whether art thou be? busy bee you are. You and Miles Kane from the Rascals (who btw get NO airplay here..might want to flip me your CD Miles!) chummed up and produced this wonderful piece of work. Must be nice to know that what you touch turns to great sounds Alex. Now put out the new AM CD already (minus the spaghetti!)
#17 – The Last Shadow Puppets
CD The Age of the Understatement
– Age of the Understatement (50:06)

if i had to pick a band that’s made me smile most this year it would be the ‘bats. they own the corner market on taking dreary, confounded situation and making the protagonsist, well, look like a loveable idiot. the lyrics are cute as hell and most of storylines are based on real events. my interview is here.
#16 – The Wombats
CD The Wombats Present Love, Loss and Desperation
– Here comes the anxiety (53:04)

Another total surprise band to me. Around since 2002 but Wild Beasts only popped out of the woodwork with their 1st CD this year. It it didn’t take with me at first but i’ve come to appreciate their sound…give them a few go’s if you felt the same before you make a final call on them..
#15 – The Wild Beasts
CD Limbo, Panto
– The devil’s crayon

My top 30 CDs for 2008 continues here.

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