Best in British Music Show with Tara O.
A Blog & Radio Show on New Indie Music from the UK

“Best in British Music with Tara O.” is North America’s only all-UK radio show & blog that plays, discusses, and reviews the best NEW indie music from the UK. They are hosted & produced by UK music enthusiast Tara O. since 2007.

“Best in British Music” (BiBM) weekly radio show (also available by podcasts) on CHUO 89.1FM is an easy way to discover & keep up with the latest music worth your attention – in just one hour!   Every week, apart from a great selection of the latest music, there’s artist & music news/backgrounders, interview excerpts, and the odd opinion (or rant!).

“Best in British Music” (BiBM) blog takes the show’s concept one step further by offering full music reviews & recommendations (CDs, DVDs, live shows, festivals), complete interviews, photos & videos (interviews, concerts, festivals), expanded commentary on UK music news/artists, all radio show podcasts, artist/industry links, and more!

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