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October 19, 2011 Indie Radio Show & Podcast

Cosmo opens the show asking one of those metaphysical questions… then maybe he met Edith, which is why Tellison sings next about getting hurt, and The Foxes knows allll about *that pain, and the need to Run away.

Then before you know it…Gossip is in the air… who started it? not sure but iremembertapes being partly responsible… but gossip is no more about the Stone Roses reuniting and i give you the hard facts about all that. But you can understand the doubt.. it’s been so many years since they played together people could think some mancunian Airship had stolen them away. But you only have to do the math – preferably algebra – to see that that’s just plain impossible!!

But some will *never believe and it’s those Finite Amount of Lunatics out there, running around in their Birthday Suits, that try to make everyone think some conspiracy is but a moment away, in the hopes they’ll be Paris Riots.

But to the rescue is The Chap – the main, cool, debonair man – he’s gonna clear evv ery thing up — once he hits the campaign trail. Ending alll the rumours, silencing theorists, and providing The Words needed to Fill the Voids of fear that some create, and reminding people that they *can*, fall in love again.


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