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Feb. 16, 2011 Indie Radio Show & Podcast

British Sea Power
Valhalla Dancehall
Mongk II

The Go! Team
Rolling Blackouts
Bust-Out Brigade

Young Legionnaires
Crisis Works (out May 9)

Fujiya & Miyagi
Cat got your tongue

White Noise Sound
White Noise Sound

The Streets
Computer & Blues
Outside Inside

Robin Adams
Train Crash Choir (28Mar11)
Mr Hyde

Wolf Gang
Lion in cages

Girl Afraid
Believe What Comes Next

The Water or the Wave EP
Nothing Changed

Chromeo (Cdn duo but Elly Jackson of La Roux is featured)
Business Casual
Hot mess

Vigo Thieves (.com)
Love Is Dead EP
Love Is Dead

Unquiet Nights
Burning the Tracks EP
Burning the Tracks

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