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July 7, 2010 Indie Radio Show & Podcast


Good news! Deluka’s long anticipated 1st CD is out mid-Sep. Stay tuned here for details and …of course to hear it’s first single’s!

Deluka EP
Wake me up

Love Ends Disaster!
City of Glass

Mystery Jets
Alice Springs

Good Shoes
CD No Hope no future
The Way My Heart Beats

The Chap
Well done Europe
gimme legs

(Zero7 “Record” CD Giveaway: Mail for your free CD!)

Zero 7
Record (a “Best of” Collection)
Everything up (zizou)

Club Smith (
The loss EP

Model Society
City of romance

The Places in Between

Feeder (CD OF THE WEEK!)
Renegades (released 5 july)

Lords Of Flatbush
999 (Label: Flatrecords)

rubadub shakedown (ft. Rod Azlan)

(Foals “Total Life Forever” CD Giveaway: Mail for your free CD!)

Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences
Apologies To The Enlightenment
You’re Never Going To Leave

Total Life Forever
Spanish Sahara

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6 Comments to “July 7, 2010 Indie Radio Show & Podcast”

  1. Teddy says:

    Lovin Doves, Foals, Mystery Jets & Lords of Flatbush. Best of British new music fo sure

    • Tara O. says:

      thanks Teddy! I love hearing from listeners out there on what rocks their boat (no pun intended really!)

  2. Jacob says:

    Hi Tara! Great show. Just checked out Love Ends Disaster! sounds great but went on their site and it’s not out here in the UK yet? Is it out in Canada/US?

  3. Hi Guys,
    i love to listen to British Music but in my homecountry in Spain its hard to get to hears this music. Btw this website always helps me to stay connected to the scene and to get the latest music thanks a lots. I love British music!!!!!!!!

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