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Nov. 4, 2009 Indie Music Podcast & Playlist

Apart from my usual discussion on new releases, artist news and my Hallowe’en costume this year 😉  …here’s the tracks from today’s show….


Patrick Wolf
CD The bachelor
– Battle

The Cribs
CD Ignore the Ignorant
save your secrets

CD out spring 2010
– The Flowers That Fell (single)

Arctic Monkeys
CD Humbug
– Dance Little Liar

The Vals (from Belfast, N.Ireland)
new CD Sticks and Stones
– Yesterday Today

The Longcut
CD Open hearts
– something inside

CD In This Light And On This Evening

Florence Welch (from Florence and the Machine)Interview Excerpt

Florence and the Machine
CD Lungs
– you’ve got the love

Big Pink
CD A Brief History of Love
– Velvet

Fuck Buttons
New CD Tarot Sport
– Rough Steez

Wave Machines
CD Wave If you’re Really There
Keep The Lights On

Basement Jaxx
CD Scars
– a possibility

Burn the Negative
CD In the atmosphere
– camden

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