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My Interview with Florence (& the Machine)
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I interviewed Florence Welch (from Florence & the Machine) when she played Montreal on Nov. 1.

The Setlist is here.   You’ll find further links at the bottom of this post.

Florence is known for being rather shy, so I was fortunate to have a 15min ‘long’ discussion and where she was so frank on the topics discussed.

She is young, very successful in the UK (2009 Mercury Prize nomination, #1 Itunes chart, #2 UK album chart (missed #1 due to the re-issue of MJ’s album). I had so many things I wanted to ask her about (could’ve talked for an hour).  I try to give a better flavour of who ‘the woman behind the passionate music’ is.   Hope I suceeded somewhat… Enjoy!

In the interview we discuss:

–  Florence & the Machine at Bestival 2009
–  her introversion and playing to live crowds (at Reading & BBC e-Proms)
–  her goals when performing on stage
–  her altercation with the ghost in her NYC hotel room a few nights prior (seriously!)
–  her sleep issues & her openess about them
–  what her family thinks of her projects
–  things in life (other than music) that are important to Florence & how she perceives the world
–  Manchester’s annual music convention “In the City”. Specifically, a panel discussion on the Feature Artist Coalition (FAC) (whose goal is to put artists in the driver’s seat of their career/music in the digital age). She discusses her digital career situation and views on technology (eg, Twitter, …).
– CD Lungs track, ‘Girl with One Eye‘ (eg, the 1st time she sang it, why & how she picked it, the song meaning)
– and we end (accidently!) with a joke!

Additional Links (some referenced in interview):

Florence Pics,Vid,Review at BESTIVAL 2009
Tara O’s review of ‘Lungs’ on
Youtube Florence Vid at Bestival 2009
Florence’s Sold-out Toronto Nov 2 Gig Review

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