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Oct 7, 2009 Indie Music Show (Podcast & Playlist)

Big Pink
A brief history of love
– Dominos

Jack Penate
CD Everything is new
– So Near

Florence and the Machine
CD Lungs
– howl

The Rakes
CD Klang
– Muller’s Ratchet

Burn the Negative
CD In the Atmosphere (out Sep14)
– Wonder Why

The Cribs
CD Ignore the ignorant
– city of bugs

Zero 7
CD Yeah ghost
– sleeper

Doves interview – Excerpt

CD Kingdom of Rust
– Lifelines

The Longcut (Manchester’s own!)
new CD Open Hearts
– open hearts

The Answering Machine
CD Another city another sorry
– oklahoma

Honour Before Glory
– Sleeping, dreaming (single Sep 09)

CD The Wombats guide to love, loss & desperation
– Moving to New York

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