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Oct 28, 2009 Indie Music Podcast & Playlist

Note: I normally don’t include text in my playlists on items spoken about on air (you have to listen to the podcast to get them) but today’s show is an exception.


Just Jack
CD All Night Cinema
– Doctor Doctor

Basement Jaxx
new CD Scars
– raindrops

Joe Gideon & the Shark
new CD Harum Scarum
– Harum Scarum

The Twilight Sad
new CD Forget the Night Ahead
– Seven years of Letters

Johnny Foreigner
new CD Grace and the Bigger Picture
– More Heart and Less Tongue

Hot Melts
new CD Hot Melts
– 24

Golden Silvers
new CD True romance
– Another Universe

Since 92 Manchester puts on annual music industry convention called In The City (
This yr it took place Oct 18-20. ITC aims to educate and inspire music artists/industry people.
There’s discussion panels on emerging issues in musician and up’n coming bands play. Four discussions this year have been podcasted.

I encourage you to check them out (, then click podcasts) specifically one called The Importance of Being Idols. Panel is outspoken Jon McClure (Reverend & the Makers), BBC Radio DJ Tom Robinson, Steve White (drummer Paul Weller), Clint Boon (keyboardist Inspiral Carpets) and more…

The discussion focuses on the media’s dumbing down of artists into celebrities, the public’s responsibility/involvement in doing so, and the resulting decline of artistic creativity. An interesting part of the discussion focuses on a movement called InstigateDebate(.com) — about the public’s role to redirect/generate dialogue on ethical, international & domestic issues.

Youtubes of celebrities interviews on these topics are available. Interesting to note their range of knowledge, and comfort discussing such issues – some surprisingly in the know, others sad.

Go to:

And now…back to the music !

The Red Zoids
note: EP Kicking Screaming (out soon)

Frank Turner
new CD Poetry of the Deed
– Live Fast and Die Hard

Dizzee Rascal
new CD Tongue n’ Cheek
– Road Rage

Burn the Negative
new CD In the Atmosphere
– She Said She Said

new CD In This Light And On This Evening
– In This Light And On This Evening

Honor Before Glory
– Broken Bottles, Empty Hearts (single)

Have a groovy Hallowe’en week!! Go out there ‘n kick some ghost butt!!!!

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