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Oct 14, 2009 Indie Music Show (Podcast & Playlist)

new CD In this light & On this evening
– you dont know love

Ian Brown
CD My way
– laugh now

CD The liberty of Norton Folgate
– Idiot Child

Arctic Monkeys
EP Crying lightning
– Red right hand

The Twilight Sad
new CD Forget the night ahead
– I became a prostitute

Wild Beasts
CD Two Dancers
– This is our lot

Golden Silvers
CD True romance
– Shakes

CD Braveface
– i love you

CD Ambivalence avenue
– Cry! Baby!

Jamie T.
new CD Kings and Queens
– hocus pocus

Espionage of the Loc
– Start again (single)

Manic Street Preachers
CD Journal for Plague Lovers
– this joke sport severed

Burn the Negative
new CD In the Atmosphere
– low

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